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Life and Work
Life can throw up all sorts of difficulties and even day to day life both at home and work can be stressful. We offer a range of types of support on many issues from general stress to not feeling confident to bereavement that may help in managing these.

Low Mood
Many people experience difficulties with feeling low or depressed. People will often feel more tired than usual and have difficulty finding the motivation to do things. They may also get less pleasure from some of the things that they had enjoyed in the past. Feelings like these can be very difficult to manage and can come and go or be there for a period of time. So whether you’ve experienced difficulties with these feelings before or it’s the first time, we have a range of types of support available that can help.

Anxiety or Worry
Feelings of panic, anxiety or worry can be very frightening and difficult to manage. People can experience these feelings in a number of different ways and for many different reasons. Some people might avoid certain things, feel strong urges to double check things or feel distressed by thoughts that come to mind.
So whether you know what causes you to feel anxious or it just comes out of the blue, we have a range of types of support available that can help.

Relationships of all types can be difficult for many reasons, whether it’s losing someone, a relationship breaking down or dealing with some of the emotional strains that people can feel. We offer a range of types of support for many of these issues.

Strong Emotions
Many of the emotions and feelings people experience can be very powerful and seem impossible to deal with. So whether it’s difficulties with managing anger, anxiety or other strong emotions we have a range of types of support that can help.

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