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Psycho-educational Courses -Managing Stress

The Managing Stress Course” is a popular four session evening class, which is often all some people need in order to learn how to cope with their problems.

Each session lasts for 90 minutes with 30 minutes at the end for informal chat and refreshments. The course aims to help the large number of people who experience stress or anxiety and who are keen to learn how to tackle their problems themselves.

Each session deals with a separate aspect of stress but as they all link together, it is important that you attend all four sessions.

The course (and all the information you receive) will teach you about stress and will give you the weapons to fight it. The course is not a miracle cure and will rely on you putting into practice the things you learn.

You will learn new skills but make sure you keep all the handouts, so that in the future, you can use the information to keep control of your stress or anxiety.